Upon enrollment of your child, you will receive several forms that must be completed and returned to the school by the child’s resumption date. These include health, immunization, medical authorization and emergency forms. These forms must be filled out completely and accurately or they will be returned. Parents will be required to update their child’s medical and emergency records if any changes occur. If your child is ill or out of school for more than three days, he or she may be re-admitted only with a note from your doctor advising us that your child is well enough to return to school.

Please notify us at once if your child is diagnosed as having a contagious disease. Children who are ill may not be in school. If a child becomes ill in school, we will call the parent and have the child taken home, however, there is a resident nurse to administer any first aid treatment that might be required before the parent’s arrival. Parents are expected to act promptly when we call; it is unfair to a sick child and to the child’s classmates if a sick child is forced to remain in school.

The School keeps an accident/incident report book to record any incidents (e.g. child hits another child in the classroom) or accidents (e.g. child falls down and grazes knee while running in the playground). It is kept alongside the first aid equipment and is readily available for teachers to make the report. The parent or caregiver who collects the child at the end of the day must sign the book to indicate that the occurrence of the incident or accident has been reported to the home. If your child is bruised or hurt while not in the care of the school, please give us a signed note explaining how and when the injury occurred. In the case of minor accidents, there is a resident certified Nurse on the school premises. If your child incurs serious injury, we will contact you immediately and/ or the child’s doctor as listed on the emergency form.