Love & Peace

The school is located in a serene neighborhood, a home-away-from-home environment where every child is treated as a unique and important member of our family.


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Children learn best in an environment of mutual respect and one that provides opportunities for cognitive, social, emotional, moral and physical growth.

About Us

Saint John Paul II Montessori School was established with the sole aim of providing qualitative and holistic world class education using the Montessori Method.

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to create a safe and caring environment where every child can grow and develop lifelong learning through quality and holistic educational approach.

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Our Core Values

High moral values, Accountability, Diversity, Resourcefulness, Excellence.
And Montessorians continue to fight to preserve the rights of each child to be protected from undue pressure.

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Why Choose Us

Our adopted Montessori Method prepares our pupils to be confident, independent and resourceful learners who would be ready to positively impact our communities.

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Saint John Paul II Montessori Preschool

In our Preschool, we ensure the delivery of an effective interactive teaching and learning process carried out in a well prepared Montessori classroom environment. We make use of a well-defined and designed Montessori curriculum which is specifically designed to meet the challenges of the 21st century Early Years Learning Goals.

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Saint John Paul II Montessori Primary School

Saint John Paul II Montessori School is established with the sole aim of providing qualitative education to children of various nationalities. Each child receives the support and encouragement that he or she needs to fulfill his or her God given potential. We focus on individual development, and seek ways to help each member of our school community discover his or her strengths.

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Our School Calender

The school year consists of three terms, typically as follows: Term 1: September to December Term 2: January to April Term 3: April to June/July Hours of School. The School is open from Monday to Friday from 7:30 am and pupils start their regular learning hours from 8:00 am. Preschool pupils end by 1:00 pm while Primary Pupils end by 2:15pm. After 8:00 am, your child stands to miss a relevant learning.

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Ever since I started having children, my greatest worry was their education – especially during their formative years. Saint John Paul II Montessori School came and took away my worries.

Engr & Mrs Peter O. Umana: Engineering

The little manners and courtesies we seemed to have forgotten or abandoned have been taught to us again by our kids. The confidence and the self comportment our kids executee as a result of the spiritual component of their studies is commendable. In all we are grateful to God and the management of PJP.

Hon Barr & Mrs Onofiok: Barrister

“Mum, we’ve tried our best but your baby just can’t cope, she can’t even hold a pencil!” Those were the words of my baby’s teacher in her second school. Then I found your school! After the first 14 days in your school, I saw my daughter transform into a bank of knowledge! Now she solves basic additions and subtractions, her quantitative, qualitative and verbal reasoning has completely awoken.

Mrs Joyful Monday Eyo: Business